General Thoughts on Treatment by James Bacchi Andreoli

This is a fluid process that constantly adapts in relation to one’s mood, physical state and the changing external factors in one’s life. However, each session builds on the last and is cumulative in reaffirming strength and positivity.

There has been a realisation that although we are in ourselves a system, we are part of a greater one that positively or negatively influences us. We can embrace these forces whilst also remaining strong and open to change. The treatment allows this to occur more easily.

Initially, I thought the benefits of the treatment were mainly physical and I was apprehensive of a verbal dialogue alongside treatment as this might impact on the benefits of the experience. However, over the years, this has been an integral and rewarding part of the sessions and is now as important as the physical aspect of the treatment.

I have learnt more about the sensory side of the world and become more open and receptive to how it can relate to the individual, both clinically and scientifically, but also in a more spiritual sense. This has shown to me that the treatment is much more holistic than I previously thought but also, how multilayered the process is.

What The Sessions Enable

  • To improve the physical and mental state of one’s being
  • To be relaxed
  • On an immediate level, to address any physical pain
  • To allow for a greater physical and mental alignment
  • To allow for a greater awareness and understanding of parts of your body and how they relate to each other in a system
  • To allow greater synchronicity
  • To allow for a greater understanding of the integral relationship your mind has with the body in order to affect change or understand the way in which to progress
  • To reappraise one’s outlook on life starting with one’s own body and mind
  • To link emotional and physical sensation
  • To listen to your body and how external and internal factors influence our physical and emotive dimensions.
  • Recognising the body is more than just a physical container.

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