I combine Deep Tissue Massage, Sports Massage, Sports Therapy Craniosacral Therapy and Fascial Unwinding to suit the individual person at each session.  Treatments are not routine and using a combination of all 5 modalities together increases the overall benefit.

  • Postural Assessment, Joint testing and Craniosacral Assessment
  • Treatment using therapies as appropriate
  • Feedback and aftercare advice (stretching, postural care, exercise)

Treatment is both progressive and pertinent to your current state and changing needs. 

Components of Treatment

Deep Tissue Massage

deep tissue massage
Releases chronic tension by freeing up, realigning and lengthening tight and stuck deep muscle fibres.

Repairs and restores functioning in muscles, tendons and ligaments through use of specific deep sustained pressure and specialised techniques such as Trigger Point Therapy

Problem areas are isolated and targeted through use of thumbs, knuckles, forearms and elbows. 

Great for relieving stress, tension, occupational overuse injuries (RSI), upper and lower back problems

The Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage

Sports Massage

deep tissue massage
This is a vigorous treatment that is best known for promoting the health of muscles, tendons and ligaments through increasing blood flow, releasing lactic acid and breaking down scar tissue.

It also works to promote general health through blood and lymph circulation and effecting beneficial changes in the nervous and hormonal systems.

Treatment involves advanced massage techniques incorporating strong kneading, stripping and stretching movements and specialised stretches such as Muscle Energy Techniques.

Excellent for helping recovery post activity or injury. However you don’t need to be involved in sport to benefit as its great for general health, helps prevent injuries, reduces pain and general muscular tension. 

The Benefits of Sports Massage

Craniosacral Therapy

deep tissue massage
The therapy aims to restore the deepest reserves of health and vitality through accessing and releasing restrictions throughout the body. 

With its origins in osteopathy, this is a very versatile therapy that is gentle and deeply relaxing. Treatment is truly holistic and can affect more than one body system at a time e.g. digestive, muscular, immune systems together and therefore is long term approach to better health. For further information click here

Famous for treating headaches, in pregnancy to help ease associated problems, feeding/sleeping/screaming in babies and toddlers, for anxiety, digestive problems and fatigue to name but a few.

The Benefits of Craniosacral Therapy

Fascial Unwinding

deep tissue massage
This treatment aims to overcome restrictions held in the body from injury, scarring, accidents and other stresses through movements that unwind the body’s connective tissue network (fascia). 

Fascia encompasses the body has an elastic quality that retains any stress the body is exposed causing the body to compensate and hold onto the disturbance eventually leading to chronic pain, discomfort or immobility. 

Very good for stubborn injuries, whiplash, stiff neck, frozen shoulder, psychological tension and stiff/inflexible joints.

The Benefits of Fascial Unwinding

Sports Therapy

deep tissue massageSports Therapy aims to help treat, rehabilitate and prevent injury, allowing you to function at your best at work, manage day to day activity and for optimum sporting performance and recovery.  Functional and postural assessments, muscle, joint and ligament strength and stress tests as well as a range of hands on treatment approaches; Soft Tissue Release, Muscle Energy Techniques, Trigger Point Therapy and Sports Massage) are used to cover a wide range of requirements from neck pain to preparing for a marathon.

For further information click here

Treatments for Injuries

deep tissue massage
Specialised assessment and combination of the above therapies.

  • Functional assessment testing movement and integrity in affected areas

  • Craniosacral for fine assessment and helping to accelerate natural healing

  • Sports massage to break down/realign scar tissue and stimulate circulation

  • Fascial unwinding to overcome holding/compensation patterns as a result
    of the injury that affects the whole body. 

    The Benefits of Assessment

    The Benefits

    Benefits of Assessment

    This allows for a greater understanding of your weaknesses, injuries, health and training needs. The advice derived from assessment can help you strengthen weak areas, train more effectively, improve stamina and performance, take on new challenges without risking injury and help prevent you from further injury. 

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    Benefits of Deep tissue, Injury and Sports Massage

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    Benefits of Craniosacral Therapy

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    Benefits of Fascial Unwinding

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